Glenda Cahuc- Smokeless Stove Program

On our way through Guachipilin near Rabinal, we visit the house  of Glenda Amarilis Cahuc Mendoza. The young woman is busy washing clothes andthe washed pieces are drying in the sun. She welcomes us with a smile..

Her husband Minor  is a construction worker and is currently working on a construction site. Their son Cristopher Armando attends the local school.

“I had headache from the smoke when I used to cook over the open fire pit on the ground” – Glenda tells us, pointing to the kitchen, which is located in a small room. “Thank God the new stove was built. There is less smoke in the kitchen and I use less wood.¨ .

Once a week shecleans the stove according to the maintenance instructions given to her by Habitat Guatemala. This ensures that the stove will work without problems for a long time.

Glenda feels it is important to express her gratitude to the donors, because they could not have raised the money for a new stove on their own. The new stove has come at the right time for her and her family, as wood has become considerably expensive in recent months.










Olga Iboy- Smokeless Stove Program

Hidden among cornfields in the village of Guachipilin near Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala lies the small wooden house of Olga Leticia Iboy Valey. She is a weaver and single mother of two children. The 10 year old Lester and the 14 year old Maria Angela are at school today.

Olga ,with pride, she shows us her new stove, which was completed in April of 2022. Olga is thrilled: “The stove works very well. I can cook much faster!  I no longer have lung pain, which was often the case with my old stove. ” Olga now has much more time to spend with her children and can devote more time to weaving, her main source of income. With pride she tells us that her daughter Maria has also learned to weave . With joy, she shows us her creative work made by hand which are sold at the local market.

“I thank the donors from the bottom of my heart The stove is a great blessing for us. My health is much better. Maltiox – thank you!”, she tells us with joy as we waves goodbye.









Mayra Juárez – Smokeless Stove Program

In April 2022, Mayra Elisabeth Juarez Cortéz and 47 other families, living in the village of Guachipilin , Baja Verapaz received smokeless stoves donated  by Union Church a.

“Uztilaj aniim!” Mayra greets us in Achi, the language of the local mayan population with her daughter Dalila Adriana des not leaving her side, watching us very curiously. Mayra’s husband, Leonel  is a mason by trade and is currently working on a construction site in Rabinal.

“Before, I used a simple fire pit on the ground and needed a lot of wood to cook the food. It’s very different now, as I use much less wood and I can cook the food much faster . The unpleasant smoke is no longer a nuisance” – mentions Mayra .

With the money the family saves on wood,  they plan to invest in improving the water supply in their home.

“Maltiox”- thanks, says Mayra – “I thank from my heart ALL who helped us in this way. God bless them.”






Usumatlan Zacapa Guatemala Potable Water System Improvements

Weather changes, deforestation, and population growth in Guatemala have become a challenge to provide water in quality and quantity to growing families and communities. This is the case of the families in communities in Usumatlan, Zacapa. Previously, families had a mechanical well that provided intermittent access to water, a shorter water volume in relation to the demand, and an inadequate piping system inadequate for the desired volume extraction.

With the support of the Red Bank Rotary Club and the Ermita Rotary Club Guatemala, the potable water system was improved to provide water in quality and quantity to the Colonies Amway, Luis Samayoa, and Skipper of Usumatlan, Zacapa.


Following a community-participatory approach, the needs were identified by the Habitat Guatemala team and the project was developed. The main objectives of the project were to:

  • Improve the pumping system.
  • Increase the amount of water in liters per person from 100 to 150 as dictated by the OMS.
  • Improve the hygiene and health conditions of the communities.
  • Train the communities and water committee for the care and management of the

pumping equipment

  • Inform and educate the population about water sanitation.
  • Train the communities to understand the proper management of water.
  • Train the personnel in charge of operating the electric pumping


With these projects Habitat Guatemala will be:

  • Facilitating universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water
  • Facilitating universal and equitable access to improved sanitation and waste management services to achieve open defecation-free communities
  • Improving community hygiene knowledge, behaviors, and practices that help prevent the spread of disease
  • Strengthening the capacity of governments, institutions, and communities to develop, finance, manage, and maintain sustainable water and sanitation services.

We thank all the organizations that join us in building a better Guatemala!





Eduardo Chumil Hybrid House Program – Presbyterian Church of Bend Foundation

Eduardo, his wife and her son Victor Emilio, used to live in a house built from bamboo and nylon. The house was in poor condition with a leaking roof and not enough space and privacy for all the family members.  

With the support of  Presbyterian Church of Bend Foundation, Eduardo and his family are now the proud owners of a hybrid house. When asked how they feel about their new home, Eduardo answers: “This house is completely different from our other house. It is wide, and protects us from the rain”.  

The hybrid house has a cement floor, which helps reduce parasitic and infectious diseases such as influenza and other intestinal infections. Complemented with the water filter, the Chumil family now has access to clean drinking water. In addition, they have also received a sanitary latrine as their former latrine was already in poor condition.  

“Thanks to all the people that supported us in building our home. I do not have enough words to thank you. May God bless you”. -Eduardo Chumil. 







Ana María Catu Hybrid House Program – Presbyterian Church of Bend Foundation

Ana María, her husband Alex, and their baby girl María, are the owners of a new Hybrid Home in the community of Caserio Panimacip, San Lucas Tolimán, Sololá.  

Our Hybrid Home is a two-room home built with a mix of traditional materials: adobe blocks, cement blocks, and wood. This solution is partially subsidized which means that beneficiary families are asked to contribute towards the cost of materials and provide labor such as preparing adobe blocks. Before receiving a new Hybrid Home, María and her family used to live in her parents-in-law’s house. Sharing it with ten people. When asked how they feel about their new home, María answers, “I can now say that I have my own house. Anita has her own space to play and that makes me feel proud”. 

As part of the Hybrid House Programs, families also receive a latrine, smokeless stove, water filter and pila. This helps them improve their health by giving them access to proper sanitation, a smoke-free environment and safe drinking water.  When asked what her favorite part of the house is, she answers; “I like all of it. I like the fact that it has a high ceiling and we have our own room”. 

María finishes by sharing a message with the donors, “Receive my greetings and our gratefulness. Thanks to you, we now have a house of our own”. 





42 Healthy Home Kits to coffee-growing families in Chiquimula

Thanks to the support of EFICO Foundation, King Baudouin Foundation and Hesselink Koffie, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala delivered 42 “Healthy Home Kits” to families living in extreme poverty in Caserío El Bendito and Caserío Los Vásquez, Chiquimula.

This project consists of delivering to 33 of the families: a sink (outdoor washing station), a cement floor, a water purifying filter; and to the remaining 9: a smokeless stove, a cement floor and a water purifying filter.

The current living conditions of these families are not conducive to good family health: cooking with an open flame causes excessive indoor smoke exposure and respiratory problems for everyone living there; dirty floors cause the spread of bacteria from outside the home to inside, and harbor insects that transmit infectious diseases. Inadequate washing stations cause the spread of infectious diseases, and the consumption of unpurified water causes gastrointestinal diseases.

The use of these kits seeks to improve the health and well-being of families through access to basic necessities: clean and purified water, a healthy cooking environment and adequate flooring.

In addition, we are contributing to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda through Sustainable Development Goal 7 “Affordable and Non-Polluting Energy”, as smokeless cookstoves help reduce firewood consumption by 50%. This allows communities to experience less deforestation. Also, the stove technology safely removes smoke and carbon monoxide from inside the home, making firewood a cleaner source of energy.

We thank all the organizations that join us in building a better Guatemala!






Juan González Family – Hybrid House Program – Home for a Home

As of for many Guatemalan families, Juan, Rosa María and their son Andy (4) the dream of having a safe space for them to call home was far from being accomplish.  

This young couple started their family 3 years ago. Their house was built with metal corrugated sheets and dirt floor, causing several inconvenients for them, especially during rainy season, because water leaked and wetted everything, “The water went through here like a river, sometimes Andy folded paper boats and played with them, because he felt it was like a river or lake inside our house”, mentions Rosa Maria. 

Thanks to the support of Home for a Home in coordination with Habitat Guatemala, they have been living in their new hybrid home for 1 month. They share the differences that they have already noticed: “It is much more comfortable. We now have light and no more water leaks. Most importantly, we feel more joy since we moved in. Before we felt sad because our house was dark and cold.  We felt that a new home was never going to be a reality. Now, Andy can grow and develop in a much safer space, in his own room”, Rosa María mentions.  

Juan and Rosa Maria are excited to finally have a place that they can decorate and make comfortable for their family. “As a family, we want to continue improving our quality of life. This is just the beginning. – Juan González. 

They share a message for the donors: “We are grateful to you all. May God continue to provide you with the resources so you can continue supporting families like ours. Thank you!” – Rosa María.