Olga Iboy- Smokeless Stove Program

Hidden among cornfields in the village of Guachipilin near Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala lies the small wooden house of Olga Leticia Iboy Valey. She is a weaver and single mother of two children. The 10 year old Lester and the 14 year old Maria Angela are at school today.

Olga ,with pride, she shows us her new stove, which was completed in April of 2022. Olga is thrilled: “The stove works very well. I can cook much faster!  I no longer have lung pain, which was often the case with my old stove. ” Olga now has much more time to spend with her children and can devote more time to weaving, her main source of income. With pride she tells us that her daughter Maria has also learned to weave . With joy, she shows us her creative work made by hand which are sold at the local market.

“I thank the donors from the bottom of my heart The stove is a great blessing for us. My health is much better. Maltiox – thank you!”, she tells us with joy as we waves goodbye.