Juan González Family – Hybrid House Program – Home for a Home

As of for many Guatemalan families, Juan, Rosa María and their son Andy (4) the dream of having a safe space for them to call home was far from being accomplish.  

This young couple started their family 3 years ago. Their house was built with metal corrugated sheets and dirt floor, causing several inconvenients for them, especially during rainy season, because water leaked and wetted everything, “The water went through here like a river, sometimes Andy folded paper boats and played with them, because he felt it was like a river or lake inside our house”, mentions Rosa Maria. 

Thanks to the support of Home for a Home in coordination with Habitat Guatemala, they have been living in their new hybrid home for 1 month. They share the differences that they have already noticed: “It is much more comfortable. We now have light and no more water leaks. Most importantly, we feel more joy since we moved in. Before we felt sad because our house was dark and cold.  We felt that a new home was never going to be a reality. Now, Andy can grow and develop in a much safer space, in his own room”, Rosa María mentions.  

Juan and Rosa Maria are excited to finally have a place that they can decorate and make comfortable for their family. “As a family, we want to continue improving our quality of life. This is just the beginning. – Juan González. 

They share a message for the donors: “We are grateful to you all. May God continue to provide you with the resources so you can continue supporting families like ours. Thank you!” – Rosa María.