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Hábitat para la Humanidad Guatemala

What is
Global Village?

Global Village is Habitat for Humanity’s international volunteer program. Through Global Village, you can sign up to volunteer to help build a house in Guatemala! Check out our upcoming build opportunities!

Quick facts

  1. Having hosted hundreds of Global Village teams, we have extensive experience to guarantee an excellent build.
  2. Each team is accompanied by a Habitat Guatemala Field Coordinator and translators as needed. Speaking Spanish is not necessary.
  3. Team members of all ages (16+) and skill sets are welcome.
  4. A Global Village team reduces a home’s build time by at least one week.
  5. A full worksite has 8-15 volunteers. Larger groups split up to serve numerous families.
  6. Trips can vary from 9 to 14 days.
  7. Trips run all year except Holy Week in April.
  8. Teams stay in a hotel in the build community and may explore the town in the afternoons and evenings.
  9. Airfare to Guatemala from the US and Canada is reasonable and flight times are relatively short, allowing for more time spent in country!

Special themed builds

We’ve started something new here in Guatemala: special themed builds. In these builds, you will learn how specific issues relate to adequate housing. We have introduced the Coffee Build, in which volunteers are exposed to fair trade coffee and the daily lives of coffee farmers, or the Women & Weaving Build where volunteers learn of the beautiful artform of backstrap weaving.

Or click here to see all available Open Builds in Guatemala.

For more information about our Global Village program and how to sign up, please contact us at

Ambassador Program

What is a Habitat Ambassador?

A Habitat Guatemala Ambassador is a partner who inspires other people to take action through sharing the word about Habitat Guatemala. Ambassadors share Habitat Guatemala’s vision for adequate housing and are passionate about getting others on board. Empowered by their homebuilding experience, ambassadors organize community events to tell their stories and inspire people to make a difference in Guatemala. They are more than just advocates; they are an essential part of the Habitat Guatemala team.

What does an Ambassador do?

There are various ways that an ambassador can share and continue to be involved with the important work that is taking place in Guatemala, like:

  1. Raise Funds
  2. Lead a Trip
  3. Join local affiliates
  4. Share your experience with others.

If you want to be a part of this program, or have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our Donor Relations Officer, Celia Enríquez at