Mayra Juárez – Smokeless Stove Program

In April 2022, Mayra Elisabeth Juarez Cortéz and 47 other families, living in the village of Guachipilin , Baja Verapaz received smokeless stoves donated  by Union Church a.

“Uztilaj aniim!” Mayra greets us in Achi, the language of the local mayan population with her daughter Dalila Adriana des not leaving her side, watching us very curiously. Mayra’s husband, Leonel  is a mason by trade and is currently working on a construction site in Rabinal.

“Before, I used a simple fire pit on the ground and needed a lot of wood to cook the food. It’s very different now, as I use much less wood and I can cook the food much faster . The unpleasant smoke is no longer a nuisance” – mentions Mayra .

With the money the family saves on wood,  they plan to invest in improving the water supply in their home.

“Maltiox”- thanks, says Mayra – “I thank from my heart ALL who helped us in this way. God bless them.”