Josefa Ixtahualan – ADISA

Meet Josefa Ixhalan,the proud, single mother of Dolores (19 months) who has an intellectual disability that requires constant care and attention. 

Thanks to the support of Habitat for Humanity Canada, Hope & Healing and Homes4Hope, this family now has a new home that has been specially designed to meet their needs. The home was designed incorporating universal accessibility. It has a spacious and safe outdoor area where Dolores can play and enjoy the sunshine. 

Josefa is beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity and has expressed her sincere thanks to everyone who made this possible, “I feel much better now. I want my daughter to grow up in a safe environment, go to school and be happy,” she mentions. They now have a comfortable place to call home, where Dolores can thrive and grow. This is truly a testament to the power of community and how we can come together to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. 







Margarita Ramírez – ADISA

Today, we share with you the story of the Ramírez family, who participated in the project Improving the lives of people living with disabilities in Solola, Guatemala implented by Habitat Guatemala and ADISA and funded by Habitat Canada, Hope&Healing International and Homes4Hope.

Kendall, inspired by the health care professionals who have helped him with his cleft lip diagnosis, wants to be a doctor someday; he wants to help other children. “After all, doctors helped me too!” – he tells us, brightly. The family is grateful for the support and care they have received from ADISA for Kendall’s therapy.  

Kendall proudly shows us the new home, water filter, stove and bathroom that he and his family received during the project. The family is overjoyed with their new home and express their gratitude for the support they had received, “I can hardly find words to express our gratitude. We already feel at home here. Thank you very much for everything!” – says Margarita. They shared how much of a difference it had made in their daily lives and how much easier it was for them to move around the house. Kendall, can now play and grow up in a safe home. They also spoke about how grateful they were for the sense of community they had felt throughout the project,  

The Ramirez family’s story is just one example of the positive impact this project has had on the lives of 45 families with children with disabilities. We are proud to be part of this transformation and we remain committed to continuing our efforts to improve the lives of Guatemalans. 







Petronila Nimajay – Hybrid House – Church of Bend

Petronila (25) is doing laundry in the new pila (water station) when we arrive at her new Hybrid House in the hidden village of Chuacruz Pujujil, Sololá. Her husband Antonio (27) and children Blanca, Emerson and Osvald greet us with smiles on their faces: Seqar!“ – Welcome!. The fourth child of the family sleeps in a cloth on Petronila’s back. 

“We are very happy and grateful to have this very nice house. Before, we lived in the mud house next door with my parents.” – Petronila recounts – “It was cramped and dark.” 

The new house is bright and protects the family from wind and rain. “Now we have enough space! It makes our life much easier!” – Antonio, tells us. With the house they also received a Healthy Home Kit including a water filter, a smokeless stove and a latrine . 

“Thank you again for this support, God bless you. Our life has improved a lot. Cooking is easier now and the children are no longer in danger of getting burnt from the fire. We can also use water more sparingly!”. As in many remote areas, people have to fetch water from a distant source. 

“Chuaqchic” – Goodbye ; everyone waves to us as we are about to leave her new home. 








Blanca Rosales – Byran/College Station HFH

Like many Guatemalan families, for Blanca and her two sons, Edgar and Jorge, the dream of owning a safe space to call home was far from being fulfilled.  

They have lived in Santa Cruz, El Quiché for a many years. Blanca works in the fields, while Edgar and Jorge work as mason’s helpers.  

Their old house was built with corrugated metal sheets and dirt floor, which caused them several problems, especially during rainy season, as the water would leak into the house and get everything wet, in addition to affecting their health. 

Thanks to the support of Bryan/College Station HFH, in coordination with Habitat Guatemala, the Rosales family is now living in their new Hybrid Home. Blanca and her sons are excited to finally have a safe place from their own, free of rainwater and dirt. “It’s something as simple as having a door. We didn’t have one, we only had a curtain. Now, we have our own doors, and it makes me very happy and grateful,” – says Blanca. 

In addition to their new Hybrid Home, the family also received a Healthy Home Kit that includes a smokeless stove, a water filter, a pila (water station) and a sanitary latrine to provide them with basic services and improve their living conditions. 

Blanca shares a message for the donors: “Every day, I thank God, and I pray that He sends many blessings to you and everyone who supported us to build our home. Thank you!” 





Carlos Bolanos, Telma de Bolanos – HFH South

Carlos (44) and Thelma (42) live in their new house in Guastatoya, El Progreso.  

Carlos worked as a mason on a Habitat construction site, which is how they learned about the housing programs . After renting for a long time, they inherited a land and decided to start the construction of their own home.  Now Carlos and Thelma have a nice home for them and their children where they will grow safely. 

“The days of work with the volunteer brigade are unforgettable for us.” Telma says. They were all very nice and helpful. We thank them again from the bottom of our hearts for their support and for the wonderful time we spent together. Carlos Bolaños. 









Karla Margoth Ardón Coronado – South Co

Karla  (24) lives with her daughter Deyanara (1.5) and her mother Blanca in Guastatoya, El Progreso. She greets us joyfully and shows us her new house. 

Karla’s brother, Christian, worked as a mason on a Habitat Guatemala construction site and introduced her the possibility of building a home.   

Before, we rented for years, our dream was to have our own house. And now we are very happy here, we have peace, and privacy. Now we can live with dignity. Thank you!” – Karla 

The family can now can save money that was used on rent and focus on more productive activities in the home.  

When the volunteers were here it was very interesting for us. Especially that the women also worked normally on the construction site. We are very grateful! Now we have our own house. Thank you!” – Karla and her mother tell us smiling. 








Leslie Alexandra González Fajardo – HFH Omaha

Leslie (35) lives in her new house on the outskirts of Sanarate, El Progreso with her mother Dolores (61) and her son Hessle (14). 

Leslie works at the Social Security Office in Guatemala City. For many years, Leslie and her motherlived with relatives or renting.  

In 2019, they heard about the possibility of building a house with Habitat Guatemala.  

“The local Habitat staff helped us to apply, then everything happened quickly. After only 6 months we moved in!” – she tells us joyfully. “We do feel very secure here.” 

When asked about the experience of working with volunteers, Leslie’s mom said: “We are very grateful for the help of the volunteers.  They were all very nice. We worked, ate and laughed together. We feel a great gratitude”. Leslie.  








Aura Alicia Trigueros Estrada – CISCO

“Pase adelante!” – Aura (40) says with her children Mariangel (8) and Hostin (10) as they invite us in to their home high up in the hills of Guastatoya, El Progreso.  

Aura is a single mother of 4 children.For many years, they moved regularily from one rental apartment to the next. Through friends she heard about Habitat Guatemala and with hard work, Aura managed to buy a land where she could build a home. The Habitat Guatemala staff helped her with the paperwork and the build. 

“Our last housing was made of wood and plastic, it was not good for us, the children were sick all the time. Now, we have a beautiful house. I can’t tell you how happy we are! Thanks to God and to all of you!” – Aura 

She proudly tells us about her chicken in the garden and that they always have fresh eggs. Next, she would like to buy a new gate and improve the entrance area of the plot. 

Regarding her experience working with the volunteers, Aura said: “When the volunteers came, we became friends. They really helped us a lot, thank you so much for that, I hope everyone is doing well wherever they are right now. I hope that one day we can meet again“.