Eduardo Chumil Hybrid House Program – Presbyterian Church of Bend Foundation

Eduardo, his wife and her son Victor Emilio, used to live in a house built from bamboo and nylon. The house was in poor condition with a leaking roof and not enough space and privacy for all the family members.  

With the support of  Presbyterian Church of Bend Foundation, Eduardo and his family are now the proud owners of a hybrid house. When asked how they feel about their new home, Eduardo answers: “This house is completely different from our other house. It is wide, and protects us from the rain”.  

The hybrid house has a cement floor, which helps reduce parasitic and infectious diseases such as influenza and other intestinal infections. Complemented with the water filter, the Chumil family now has access to clean drinking water. In addition, they have also received a sanitary latrine as their former latrine was already in poor condition.  

“Thanks to all the people that supported us in building our home. I do not have enough words to thank you. May God bless you”. -Eduardo Chumil.