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Blanca Rosales – Byran/College Station HFH

Like many Guatemalan families, for Blanca and her two sons, Edgar and Jorge, the dream of owning a safe space to call home was far from being fulfilled.   They have lived in Santa Cruz, El Quiché for a many years. Blanca works in the fields, while Edgar and Jorge work as mason’s helpers.   […]

#Myhabitatexperience – Sayra López

My name is Sayra Nohemi Lopez, I am 30 years old, I have a degree in Social Work, single, my residence is located in Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala, I live with my mother and my brothers I consider myself a responsible person with extensive teamwork skills, creativity and service to others, as well as the […]

Carlos Bolanos, Telma de Bolanos – HFH South

Carlos (44) and Thelma (42) live in their new house in Guastatoya, El Progreso.   Carlos worked as a mason on a Habitat construction site, which is how they learned about the housing programs . After renting for a long time, they inherited a land and decided to start the construction of their own home.  Now […]

Karla Margoth Ardón Coronado – South Co

Karla  (24) lives with her daughter Deyanara (1.5) and her mother Blanca in Guastatoya, El Progreso. She greets us joyfully and shows us her new house.  Karla’s brother, Christian, worked as a mason on a Habitat Guatemala construction site and introduced her the possibility of building a home.    “Before, we rented for years, our dream […]

Leslie Alexandra González Fajardo – HFH Omaha

Leslie (35) lives in her new house on the outskirts of Sanarate, El Progreso with her mother Dolores (61) and her son Hessle (14).  Leslie works at the Social Security Office in Guatemala City. For many years, Leslie and her motherlived with relatives or renting.   In 2019, they heard about the possibility of building a […]

Aura Alicia Trigueros Estrada – CISCO

“Pase adelante!” – Aura (40) says with her children Mariangel (8) and Hostin (10) as they invite us in to their home high up in the hills of Guastatoya, El Progreso.   Aura is a single mother of 4 children.For many years, they moved regularily from one rental apartment to the next. Through friends she heard […]

Dalila Coronaro Romero – CISCO

On the small terrace of her house overlooking Guastatoya, El Progreso, Dalila (46) welcomes us with a shy smile. She lives here as a single mother with her youngest daughter Gracieli (16). In the past, Dalila was rejected multiple times for a mortage. After inheritering a land from her father, a donor was found to […]

#Meetourmasons – Manuel Felipe

Manuel Felipe is 60 years old, and with his wife, they raised 8 children. Seven years ago, one of his sons invited him to participate in the construction of smokeless stoves with Habitat Guatemala, and since then, he has been working not only in the construction of stoves, but also sanitary latrines and houses in […]