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Olga Iboy- Smokeless Stove Program

Hidden among cornfields in the village of Guachipilin near Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala lies the small wooden house of Olga Leticia Iboy Valey. She is a weaver and single mother of two children. The 10 year old Lester and the 14 year old Maria Angela are at school today. Olga ,with pride, she shows us […]

Mayra Juárez – Smokeless Stove Program

In April 2022, Mayra Elisabeth Juarez Cortéz and 47 other families, living in the village of Guachipilin , Baja Verapaz received smokeless stoves donated  by Union Church a. “Uztilaj aniim!” Mayra greets us in Achi, the language of the local mayan population with her daughter Dalila Adriana des not leaving her side, watching us very […]

Usumatlan Zacapa Guatemala Potable Water System Improvements

Weather changes, deforestation, and population growth in Guatemala have become a challenge to provide water in quality and quantity to growing families and communities. This is the case of the families in communities in Usumatlan, Zacapa. Previously, families had a mechanical well that provided intermittent access to water, a shorter water volume in relation to […]

42 Healthy Home Kits to coffee-growing families in Chiquimula

Thanks to the support of EFICO Foundation, King Baudouin Foundation and Hesselink Koffie, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala delivered 42 “Healthy Home Kits” to families living in extreme poverty in Caserío El Bendito and Caserío Los Vásquez, Chiquimula. This project consists of delivering to 33 of the families: a sink (outdoor washing station), a cement floor, […]