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Mission for life project

In Guatemala, families living in remote areas have difficulties accessing health care services due to a lack of transportation to facilities, resources, or language barriers. Fundanier, founded in 2003, provides outpatient services, hemodialysis, dialysis and kidney transplant services to children, especially those from low-income families.   Many Guatemalan families still face the difficulties of the remoteness […]

Josefa Ixtahualan – ADISA

Meet Josefa Ixhalan,the proud, single mother of Dolores (19 months) who has an intellectual disability that requires constant care and attention.  Thanks to the support of Habitat for Humanity Canada, Hope & Healing and Homes4Hope, this family now has a new home that has been specially designed to meet their needs. The home was designed […]

Margarita Ramírez – ADISA

Today, we share with you the story of the Ramírez family, who participated in the project Improving the lives of people living with disabilities in Solola, Guatemala implented by Habitat Guatemala and ADISA and funded by Habitat Canada, Hope&Healing International and Homes4Hope. Kendall, inspired by the health care professionals who have helped him with his […]

Every Drop Counts! – Water Day, March 22

Every year on March 22nd we celebrate World Water Day. An important date that invites us to reflect further on the value of water for each one of us and for life itself.  For many, going down to the kitchen for a glass of water or performing daily tasks such as bathing, washing hands or […]

M8: For a Guatemala That Turns Congratulations into Action

Internationally, March 8 of each year represents an important date for each and every woman in society, International Women’s Day. However, more than a day of celebration, congratulations or giving flowers or chocolates, March 8 is a day to commemorate, remember and act in the search for true gender equality. As women, we need the […]

Blanca Rosales – Byran/College Station HFH

Like many Guatemalan families, for Blanca and her two sons, Edgar and Jorge, the dream of owning a safe space to call home was far from being fulfilled.   They have lived in Santa Cruz, El Quiché for a many years. Blanca works in the fields, while Edgar and Jorge work as mason’s helpers.   […]

#Myhabitatexperience – Sayra López

My name is Sayra Nohemi Lopez, I am 30 years old, I have a degree in Social Work, single, my residence is located in Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala, I live with my mother and my brothers I consider myself a responsible person with extensive teamwork skills, creativity and service to others, as well as the […]