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#MyHabitatExperience – Delorean Randich

My name is Delorean Randich. I am Guatemalan, married, and have two children. I’m a public accountant, with a Master’s Degree in Business Management and I am currently studying a PhD in Law. I have received different trainings in finance, cooperatives, corporate governance, risk and technology management. My background has been in insurance companies, credits […]

Tropical Storms Eta & Iota Response

On June 3rd, 2018, Fuego Volcano erupted in Guatemala. The impact has devastated many communities in Guatemala. Learn about how you can be a part of Habitat Guatemala’s disaster relief plan.

#Meetourvolunteers – Trina Godfrey

Trina is a Global Village team leader from Bermuda. She and her husband Nigel, both originally from the U.K., have a family of 5 children. Trina became involved with Habitat by encouraging her older sons to join GV builds and as soon as her youngest child was old enough to be left she finally fulfilled […]

#MyHabitatExperience – Mario Joaquín López

I’m an architect and researcher with a speciality in Regional Planning. I’m passionate about promoting a more equal habitat that is suitable for symbiotic interaction with the environment. I currently work as a Special Projects Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. Habitat Guatemala is an organization that has diversified its work to go beyond social […]

Vulnerable Families Fund – Florinda Morales Family

  Florinda Morales lives with her husband Genaro, and five children, in Xejuyú, San Andrés Semetabaj, Sololá. Florinda suffers from end stage terminal cervical cancer. Genaro works as a farmer, and his wages are currently the family’s only income seeing that one of their eldest children lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their eldest […]

#myhabitatexperience – Alex Perry

I’ve been the Coordinator of the GV program for going on four years now. I grew up in the Washington DC area in a multi-cultural household. One of the many factors that lead me to work in Guatemala. Outside of work (sometimes while working) you can usually find me spending time with my dog or […]

#meetourvolunteers Terry & M.C. Laney

At Habitat Guatemala we are grateful to have met so many volunteers during our 41 years of work in the country.  Through our Global Village Program, we have received countless amazing volunteers, and definitely have formed great connections. We want you to meet the Laneys, M. C. and Terry, who have supported Habitat Guatemala for […]

COVID-19 Response

  Updated on August 26, 2020. María Rosa Reyes Galicia.   Like many other families across the globe, Guatemalan families are currently facing difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Joaquín López, our Special Project Coordinator, explains the impact of the coronavirus in Guatemala and our response to it. With the immediate threat of the […]