What we offer

Habitat for Humanity Guatemala

We facilitate access to new houses, housing improvements, smokeless stoves, sanitary latrines, water filters, and more products, through different loans with low interest rates.

Habitat for Humanity Guatemala offers:

Social housing

Partner families of Habitat Guatemala receive a low interest rate loan for the construction or improvement of their home. In the case of Healthy Home Kits, families pay a representative contribution for a partially subsidized solution.

technical constructive assistance

With profesional staff, Habitat Guatemala provides technical inspections, supervises the construction processes of every house, and verifies materials to meet  international standards and durability standards; lowering the risk of natural disasters.

Workshops and

Habitat for Humanity Guatemala has staff that coordinates trainings for Local Committee members and all partner families.

The followings are certain topics presented in educational trainings:

  • Community organization and participation
  • Organizational structure
  • Management and planning
  • Community advocacy
  • Leadership and conflict resolution
  • Community living
  • Disaster prevention and mitigation
  • Financial education
  • Family strengthening
  • Housing maintenance
  • Family self-esteem and health
  • Healthy recipes and food preparation
  • Use, maintenance and construction of smokeless stoves
  • Use, maintenance and construction of sanitary latrines

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