Jeraldy Sosa Family

Jeraldy lives with her husband Ariel their daughter Gladys and two step children José and Jesús in their new home in the Luis Samayoa Housing community. Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, they rented a small house for almost two years.

When they found out that Jeraldy was expecting a baby, they decided it was time to build a place of their own. When asked how she feels with her house, Jeraldy replies: “I’m happy. There is nothing better that being home!”

About the volunteers Jeraldy remarks: “It was an unforgettable week, they worked really hard, they did not care about the heat,” she continues, “thank you all for your support, we will never forget you, may God bless you!”

Elsa Váldez Family

Elsa is living with her son Jordi,  her daughter María Mercedes and her grandson Anthony in their Habitat house in the Luis Samayoa Housing Solution, Usumatlán, Zapaca. Before partering with Habitat Guatemala they used to live with her mother in law, and after some time, they finally decided to start building their own home!

When asked about her house, Elsa responds: “I am very happy having my my own house now,” she continues, “I am planning to paint it, fence the backyard among other things in the future.”

About the week of construction, she recalls a lot of good memories and funny times. “They worked really hard, even though it was very hot. Thank you all very much for your support it was of big help. We encourage you to keep on coming and helping families in need, we send greetings to all.”


Cynthia Barrios Family

Cynthia, her husband Danis and their children, Fernando (8) and Valentina (4) are now living in their new house in Zacapa.  Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, the family lived in a relative’s house for almost five years, then rented a different house for two more years.

After learning about Habitat’s program through a friend that has a house in the community were they are now located, the young couple decided it was time to start building their own house.

“We feel happy. Happy to give our children a safe place to live, this belongs to us now,” says Danis about how he feels in their new house. “I feel happy and calm here. There is a nice breeze in the afternoon. I am happy that my children now have their own space to play,” adds Cynthia.

Being the 100,000th Housing Solution they recall a lot of happy memories with all the volunteers that were helping them build their house. “It was a really nice experience, we enjoy a lot that week with all the volunteers,” says Danis.

“Thank you all for your support. All of you worked really hard! Fernando and Valentina were always here and got used to playing with you,” says Cynthia to the volunteers.

Mónica Vásquez Family

Mónica lives with her husband Lisandro and her baby boy Matias in their new Habitat home in the Luis Samayoa Housing Community, Usumatlán, Zacapa. Before partnering with Habitat, they rented a house for more than two years.

When Mónica and Lizandro decided to form a family, they wanted to have a home to raise their child. After learning about Habitat, they decided to partner with us to build their house.

About her house she says: “I like to clean my house and spend time on the porch, I like the weather here it is nice and cool, I am happy and very grateful to have the opportunity to have my own house.” They are planning to paint and add a garden in the future to their house.

“I remember that they were really funny and hard workers”. Thank you all for your large support, thank you for being a part of this dream, that is now a reality,” says Mónica about the volunteers.

Blanca Morales Family

Blanca, a single mother of three boys, is now living in their new house in the Luis Samayoa Housing Community with her three boys, Cristian (26), René (24), Diego (16). Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Blanca and her family rented a house for more than 16 years.

They learned about our work from a friend who owns a Habitat home. After confirming that they met the requirements, they started with the construction of a house of their own! “Since they started with this community it was my dream to have a house here. Now it is a reality”, says Blanca.

Blanca explains how they feel with their new house: “I feel very very happy, and my sons too! They have their own space to plant different fruit trees”.

Blanca sells tortillas in her backyard, so she is always busy! They are planning to fence in the back of the house and add another room in the future.

About the volunteers she recalls: “I have great memories with them, we had such good experiences with all of them. I am very grateful for their support”, she continues: “We will always remember all of you! Greetings to everybody, this house was built with your love”.

María Ruano Family

María, her husband Alexis, and their son Jorge (3), are now living in their new house in Zacapa. Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, María and her family were renting for more than five years. While Alexis is working, María takes care of  her son and her niece.

The young couple learned about Habitat Guatemala from a friend and decided it was a great opportunity to make the dream of having their own house a reality.

“I feel happy with my house, we enjoy time with our son, he likes to play a lot. I enjoy the weather here too”, reflects María about her home. “Our lives have changed a lot with our own house now. We know that we are paying for something that belongs to us”.

The family is planning to add tiles to the floor and different plans for the future, such as expanding their garden and painting the walls. “I like to water my plants, we have different trees in the garden.” says María.

About the experience with the volunteers, she says, “I was used to be working in an office and they surprised me with how hard they worked! Thank you for your support! For people like you, we are now able to make our dream come true.”

Wendy López Family

Wendy and her family live in their new Habitat home in the Luis Samayoa Housing Communtiny, Usumatlán, Zacapa. Wendy lives with her three years old José Pablo and her husband Jorge, who works as a local merchant.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala the López family was living in Guatemala City with her in-laws, and traveled during the weekends to her parent’s house, were they shared a small room.

They learned about Habitat Guatemala from different people in their neighborhood, “I used to hear about Habitat and all the work that they were doing building houses and I wished to have one house for our own for a long time, until we finally made it true,” says Wendy.

“I feel very happy, it is our gift to our baby when he grows up.”  says Wendy about how she feels about her home. The family is planning to paint the house, add tiles and an iron gate in the future. They are also planning to have another baby!

Regarding her experience with the volunteers she says, “I was amazed with all the hard work they did. I am very grateful with them, thank you all for your support. I invite you to keep on helping”. She continues, “nowadays it is not easy to have your own house. You being part of this dream come true is a blessing.”

Cristian Ramírez Family

Gabriela and her family live in their new Habitat home in the Luis Samayoa Housing Community in Usumatlán, Zacapa.  Gabriela lives with her husband Cristian and their children Cristian (3) and Regina (2).

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Gabriela and her family were living in different relative’s houses, sometimes even having to sleep on the ground. When they found out about our Habitat’s work, they started to apply for a house. They were then approved to build their own house!

When asked about her house she explains, “I was very excited when I found out that we were approved. I feel free here, with my own space! I am happy, very happy.”

Gabriela is appreciative of the volunteers who came and supported them in their journey of building a new home. “Thank you for all of your support, we will be waiting for you here,” says Sonia. “We shared very good moments with them.”