Mónica Vásquez Family

Mónica lives with her husband Lisandro and her baby boy Matias in their new Habitat home in the Luis Samayoa Housing Community, Usumatlán, Zacapa. Before partnering with Habitat, they rented a house for more than two years.

When Mónica and Lizandro decided to form a family, they wanted to have a home to raise their child. After learning about Habitat, they decided to partner with us to build their house.

About her house she says: “I like to clean my house and spend time on the porch, I like the weather here it is nice and cool, I am happy and very grateful to have the opportunity to have my own house.” They are planning to paint and add a garden in the future to their house.

“I remember that they were really funny and hard workers”. Thank you all for your large support, thank you for being a part of this dream, that is now a reality,” says Mónica about the volunteers.