Cynthia Barrios Family

Cynthia, her husband Danis and their children, Fernando (8) and Valentina (4) are now living in their new house in Zacapa.  Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, the family lived in a relative’s house for almost five years, then rented a different house for two more years.

After learning about Habitat’s program through a friend that has a house in the community were they are now located, the young couple decided it was time to start building their own house.

“We feel happy. Happy to give our children a safe place to live, this belongs to us now,” says Danis about how he feels in their new house. “I feel happy and calm here. There is a nice breeze in the afternoon. I am happy that my children now have their own space to play,” adds Cynthia.

Being the 100,000th Housing Solution they recall a lot of happy memories with all the volunteers that were helping them build their house. “It was a really nice experience, we enjoy a lot that week with all the volunteers,” says Danis.

“Thank you all for your support. All of you worked really hard! Fernando and Valentina were always here and got used to playing with you,” says Cynthia to the volunteers.