Wendy López Family

Wendy and her family live in their new Habitat home in the Luis Samayoa Housing Communtiny, Usumatlán, Zacapa. Wendy lives with her three years old José Pablo and her husband Jorge, who works as a local merchant.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala the López family was living in Guatemala City with her in-laws, and traveled during the weekends to her parent’s house, were they shared a small room.

They learned about Habitat Guatemala from different people in their neighborhood, “I used to hear about Habitat and all the work that they were doing building houses and I wished to have one house for our own for a long time, until we finally made it true,” says Wendy.

“I feel very happy, it is our gift to our baby when he grows up.”  says Wendy about how she feels about her home. The family is planning to paint the house, add tiles and an iron gate in the future. They are also planning to have another baby!

Regarding her experience with the volunteers she says, “I was amazed with all the hard work they did. I am very grateful with them, thank you all for your support. I invite you to keep on helping”. She continues, “nowadays it is not easy to have your own house. You being part of this dream come true is a blessing.”