Cristian Ramírez Family

Gabriela and her family live in their new Habitat home in the Luis Samayoa Housing Community in Usumatlán, Zacapa.  Gabriela lives with her husband Cristian and their children Cristian (3) and Regina (2).

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Gabriela and her family were living in different relative’s houses, sometimes even having to sleep on the ground. When they found out about our Habitat’s work, they started to apply for a house. They were then approved to build their own house!

When asked about her house she explains, “I was very excited when I found out that we were approved. I feel free here, with my own space! I am happy, very happy.”

Gabriela is appreciative of the volunteers who came and supported them in their journey of building a new home. “Thank you for all of your support, we will be waiting for you here,” says Sonia. “We shared very good moments with them.”