Blanca Morales Family

Blanca, a single mother of three boys, is now living in their new house in the Luis Samayoa Housing Community with her three boys, Cristian (26), René (24), Diego (16). Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Blanca and her family rented a house for more than 16 years.

They learned about our work from a friend who owns a Habitat home. After confirming that they met the requirements, they started with the construction of a house of their own! “Since they started with this community it was my dream to have a house here. Now it is a reality”, says Blanca.

Blanca explains how they feel with their new house: “I feel very very happy, and my sons too! They have their own space to plant different fruit trees”.

Blanca sells tortillas in her backyard, so she is always busy! They are planning to fence in the back of the house and add another room in the future.

About the volunteers she recalls: “I have great memories with them, we had such good experiences with all of them. I am very grateful for their support”, she continues: “We will always remember all of you! Greetings to everybody, this house was built with your love”.