Meet our bricklayers! – Manuel Felipe

Manuel Felipe (Don Manuel) is 60 years old, and with his wife they raised 8 children. Seven years ago, one of his sons invited him to participate in the construction of wood-saving stoves for Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. Since then, Don Manuel has been working with us not only in the construction of stoves, but also in other Habitat projects such as sanitary latrines and houses in different parts of the country, together with families and volunteer groups.

Don Manuel always had the dream of building his own house and once he achieved it, he realized that he loved building and that this allowed him to help other people who needed support in their search for decent housing and services.

Don Manuel mentions that what he likes most about working with Habitat is “the idea of building dreams for future generations”. He also loves being able to work with the national and international volunteer brigades, because of the experiences and learning that they acquire together.

Don Manuel says he is very grateful for the opportunity Habitat gave him to be part of its team of masons – “I love to build, and I am in love with my work”.