Yanida Acevedo Maldonado – Chicken Coops, Izabal

The Maldonado family, residing in the village of Swich Quebrada, Morales, Izabal, was selected for a life-changing Chicken Coop project. The family had been struggling to generate a stable income making it difficult to provide sufficient nutrition for their household. However, with the introduction of the chicken coop, their lives took a positive turn. The project provided them with a sustainable source of nutritious eggs and meat, transforming their nutrition and bolstering their family income. 

Before the chicken coop project, the Maldonado’s meals were often limited to basic staples, lacking in essential nutrients. However, with the coop’s implementation, they now had a consistent supply of fresh eggs. These nutrient-dense eggs became a staple in their diet, improving their overall nutrition and contributing to better health and well-being. The surplus eggs were also sold in the local market, providing an additional source of income for the family. They are now an inspiring example in their community, not only for their improved quality of life but also for their resilience and determination in overcoming challenges. 

By creating sustainable change, we can become agents of transformation, uplifting communities and fostering resilience. We extend our deepest gratitude to the SK2 Fund that made this project a reality for the Maldonado family and countless others like them. Your compassion and support have planted seeds of hope and empowerment within their hearts.

Together, we can continue to nurture a future where every family can thrive and flourish. 

“On behalf of the community, we thank you all for providing us with this project. May God bless.” – Yanida Acevedo.