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Hope for Vicenta through a new home

Habitat for Humanity Guatemala and Familia Horizonte are working together so that more low-income families have a decent place to live, specifically in a project in Aldea La Fragua, municipality and department of Zacapa, Guatemala. The first phase of this project is the technical planning for the construction of micro communities, to benefit low-income families, […]

transforming lives with a water purification filter

In the heart of Huehuetenango, specifically in the community of Vega Seca, the project “Transforming Lives with a Water Purification Filter” led by Habitat for Humanity Guatemala has made a significant impact on the lives of 110 families. The main objective of this project is to improve living conditions, health and access to safe water […]

Race Against Homelessness 2024

Help us transform the lives of other families one concrete floor at a time. Habitat Guatemala joins Race Against Homelessness #RAH2024 to promote its region-wide campaign 100,000 Floors to Play On. Through #RAH2024, we seek to encourage the global community of sports-minded, wellness-minded people to support the campaign and transform the lives of Guatemalan families […]

Constructive Brigade C&W Guatemala

Volunteer groups are a tool for citizen participation, individuals, company collaborators, students and organized groups, we are all agents of change in our country. On this occasion we joined forces with C&W Guatemala, last November 17 we carried out a constructive brigade in which we built 2 concrete floors and delivered 2 water purifying filters […]

Health modules – Brenda Yoselin

Brenda (7 years old) lives with her mother Roselia (33 years old), a housewife, her father Benjamín (45 years old), a farmer, her sister Leidy (15 years old), her brother Marlon (10 years old), her brother Yonny (5 years old) and her little sister Elida (3 years old). The family lives in Aldea Simajhuleu, San […]

Drinking Water System for Nueva Jerusalén

In the heart of the municipality of Poptún, in the department of Petén, lies the community of Nueva Jerusalén. A community that, until recently, faced significant challenges related to access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. However, thanks to the implementation of a comprehensive project by Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, the lives of 32 families […]

Health modules – Melvin

Melvin (12 years old) lives with his mother Flor (36 years old), a housewife, and his father Horacio (47 years old), a farmer. The family lives in the San Roque Agrarian Community, Caballo Blanco Village, Retalhuleu. Melvin is currently in 5th grade, his favorite colors are red and white. He enjoys playing with cars, playing […]