Heydi López Leiva – Chicken Coops, Izabal

Heydi Lopez and her family reside in the village of Swich Quebrada, Morales, Izabal where they recently embarked on a life-changing journey with the help of Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. The family had long been struggling to make ends meet and provide a stable income for their household. However, their lives took a positive turn when they received the Chicken Coops project. 

Habitat for Humanity recognized the potential of the community and Heydi’s family to become self-sufficient through poultry farming. They collaborated to design and build suitable chicken coops. The project not only aimed to improve their income but also to provide a sustainable source of food for the family. 

The Lopez family’s lives have transformed significantly. They now have a steady source of income from selling eggs and meat, which has helped them become financially independent. The additional income has enabled them to improve their living conditions. 

Moreover, the chicken coops have provided a sense of empowerment and purpose for Heydi and her husband. They take great pride in their work as poultry farmers and have gained valuable skills and knowledge in the process. The project has instilled in them a strong sense of self-reliance and determination to create a better future for their family. 

Thanks to the SK2 Fund’s support and the commitment of the Lopez family, their lives have undergone a remarkable transformation. From struggling to make ends meet, they are on their way to self-sufficiency, resilience and hopeful for the future. The chicken coops project has not only provided them with sustainable income but has also empowered them to build a stronger, more prosperous life for themselves and their children.