The Top Family

Marina and her husband, Cruz, live with their five grandchildren, Kevin (15), Jessica (12), Jayro (11) and three-year old twins Keylor (3) and Lady (3), in the community of Cerro Alto, in San Juan Sacatepéquez.   

On a daily basis, Doña Marina and Don Cruz work very hard to generate income in order to feed their family. They adopted their five grandchildren when their mother passed away. Keylor, who was born with a visual disability, requires additional care and attention.    

 The Top family home, similar to those in the area, was built in a high-risk area, with small rooms made from corrugated metal sheets and dirt floor, causing several health issues and hazards for the children. 

Thanks to the support of Byran/College Station HFH, Habitat Guatemala was able to build a new house, in order to provide Keylor and his siblings with a healthier environment. When asked how they feel about their new home, Marina responded: “We are grateful and happy my grandchildren can grow in a safe environment.” 

She sends a message for the donors: “Thank you all for caring about my family. There are not much people in this world that will help you to build a house like this one. May God bless you!”