#Meetourmasons – Manuel Felipe

Manuel Felipe is 60 years old, and with his wife, they raised 8 children. Seven years ago, one of his sons invited him to participate in the construction of smokeless stoves with Habitat Guatemala, and since then, he has been working not only in the construction of stoves, but also sanitary latrines and houses in different departments of the country, for Habitat Guatemala partner families 

When did you start working as a mason?

I studied a completely different career, but I always dreamed of building my house with my own hands, and so I did it! I started building and I found my passion. I love to build structures, houses, install electricity, plumbing, and do everything related to construction. This way, I can also help other people and serve others by building their homes. 

what do you enjoy most about working with habitat?

I love the idea of building dreams for future generations. With Habitat, I have had the opportunity to work with national and international volunteers, and I enjoy when we share experiences and work hard together. 

how do you feel by working with volunteers?

I feel proud to build alongside national and international volunteers. They are always a big support, and they are always happy and willing to work hard. I also enjoy to teach them about the constuction tasks! 

A message to the Habitat community

Thank you Habitat Guatemala, because you have given me the opportunity to work, no matter the circunstances. I love to build and I am so in love with my job!