Leslie Alexandra González Fajardo – HFH Omaha

Leslie (35) lives in her new house on the outskirts of Sanarate, El Progreso with her mother Dolores (61) and her son Hessle (14). 

Leslie works at the Social Security Office in Guatemala City. For many years, Leslie and her motherlived with relatives or renting.  

In 2019, they heard about the possibility of building a house with Habitat Guatemala.  

“The local Habitat staff helped us to apply, then everything happened quickly. After only 6 months we moved in!” – she tells us joyfully. “We do feel very secure here.” 

When asked about the experience of working with volunteers, Leslie’s mom said: “We are very grateful for the help of the volunteers.  They were all very nice. We worked, ate and laughed together. We feel a great gratitude”. Leslie.