Aura Alicia Trigueros Estrada – CISCO

“Pase adelante!” – Aura (40) says with her children Mariangel (8) and Hostin (10) as they invite us in to their home high up in the hills of Guastatoya, El Progreso.  

Aura is a single mother of 4 children.For many years, they moved regularily from one rental apartment to the next. Through friends she heard about Habitat Guatemala and with hard work, Aura managed to buy a land where she could build a home. The Habitat Guatemala staff helped her with the paperwork and the build. 

“Our last housing was made of wood and plastic, it was not good for us, the children were sick all the time. Now, we have a beautiful house. I can’t tell you how happy we are! Thanks to God and to all of you!” – Aura 

She proudly tells us about her chicken in the garden and that they always have fresh eggs. Next, she would like to buy a new gate and improve the entrance area of the plot. 

Regarding her experience working with the volunteers, Aura said: “When the volunteers came, we became friends. They really helped us a lot, thank you so much for that, I hope everyone is doing well wherever they are right now. I hope that one day we can meet again“.