Karla Margoth Ardón Coronado – South Co

Karla  (24) lives with her daughter Deyanara (1.5) and her mother Blanca in Guastatoya, El Progreso. She greets us joyfully and shows us her new house. 

Karla’s brother, Christian, worked as a mason on a Habitat Guatemala construction site and introduced her the possibility of building a home.   

Before, we rented for years, our dream was to have our own house. And now we are very happy here, we have peace, and privacy. Now we can live with dignity. Thank you!” – Karla 

The family can now can save money that was used on rent and focus on more productive activities in the home.  

When the volunteers were here it was very interesting for us. Especially that the women also worked normally on the construction site. We are very grateful! Now we have our own house. Thank you!” – Karla and her mother tell us smiling.