Joaquín Raxaco- Smokeless Stove Program

“This is the first of a total of 48 stoves built here with us in Guachipilin!” – says Joaquin Raxaco Sical accompanied by his wife Angelinaas they proudly show us their stove, which was built with the support of Union Church.

Angelina is cooking corn, and tells us that it is now much easier to prepare food, as she no longer needs to bend down and her eyes don’t water because smoke doesn’t accumulate in the kitchen .

Angelina and Joaquin have raised 10 children . They proudly tell that they have 27 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Most of them live in the city. Joaquin is a 72 year old farmer who is a volunteer for Habitat and his village of Guachipilin.

He has coordinated the work for the construction of the stoves earlier this year. Proudly he tells us that he is responsible for the water supply of the village. “When the 48 stoves were completed, we celebrated together and thanked the donors and God. On behalf of every one the families, I want to say thank you to the donors. Our lives have become much easier.” -says Joaquin.