Daniel Gómez- ADISA

Daniel, her wife Marta, and Cruz, their three-year-old child are living in Cerro de Oro, Santiago Atitlán. Daniel works in the fields nearby, while Marta stays at home with Cruz. When Cruz was born, they discovered that he had Cerebral Palsy, so they worked hard to cover his needs and provide him with proper care. 

Cruz has attended ADISA’s therapies twice a week for over a year and a half now, and they have noticed some big improvements: “Now he can stand and walk on his own, he is also starting to speak,” mentions Marta. “We want Cruz to have a normal life, first of all, trusting in God. We want him to be the same as others, that is why we are supporting him. In the future, I hope that Cruz can continue studying to be a professional and also to support children like him”.  

With regards to their old house, the family was living in a small room that was in poor condition. The family’s kitchen was built out of corrugated metal sheets, and the stove was in poor condition; these circumstances caused the family to suffer from respiratory diseases too. 

Thanks to the support of ADISA, Habitat Guatemala has built a new house for the Gómez family! And Marta shares with how they feel: “It has been of great improvement for our family. Now, the smoke no longer stays inside, we have our own bathroom and specially a safe, clean space for Cruz to play inside and continue improving. Now, he walks more and plays a lot, without any dirt!” 

The family shares a message for the donors: “We are very happy with our house. We thank everyone who has supported us. May God bless you and your families. When Cruz grows up, we will explain everything that you have done for us.”