Hirma Iboy- Smokeless Stove Program

On the way toHirma Yolanda Iboy Sic’s hoome, we pass through corn fields. She and her husband Manuel  live in a home made from adobe, in Guachipilin near Rabinal. Their eldest daughter Roxana Noemi and 3 grandchildren live with them.

Manuel works for a security company, Hirma is a housewife,  busily tending to the vegetable garden and taking care of the pig, chickens and ducks.

The children also need a lot of attention, “I thank the Union Church donors from the bottom of my heart for this stove! I wish them health and a good life ” says Hirma. “At the beginning of the year I had surgery which made it difficult to cook using the open fire pit that was on the ground.  This new stove is a blessing!” – she laughs broadly and pours us a coffee in a traditional bowl.

The wood used for cooking, which used to be enough for 2 weeks, now lasts 4 weeks with the news stove. They will use the money that they save to buy a new kiln