Catalina Raymundo – Smokeless Stove CRS

In the community of Pulay, Chajul, Quiché, lives the family of Catalina Raymundo. Catalina, her husband Andrés, and their two children have lived in this community for a long time. Andrés works as a taxi driver while Catalina takes care of the children and their home.  

Before receiving a smokeless stove, thanks to the support of Catholic Relief Services and Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, Catalina used to cook for her family on the floor of her home. “Before my new stove, I cooked on the floor of my kitchen and I was always worried that my children would fall into the fire”, Catalina says. 

Now, the children are much safer and Catalina can cook without the fear of their children burning themselves. Additionally, she no longer suffers from headaches and eye irritation from cooking over an open flame. The family is also able to save money because they now use half the amount of wood for cooking. “One big bundle of wood used to last twenty-five days,” Catalina explains. “Thanks to God, we feel very happy. We could not be able to afford this type of stove. And the wood now lasts for two months. It’s good to have a little more money because there are always expenses”.  

As part of this program, families also benefited from a water filter, which improves the health of the family. Now, rather than buying or boiling water, the kids can drink it directly from the sink, she can readily access the supply in her filter and doesn’t have to worry about falling ill from waterborne diseases. 

Catalina finishes by sending a final message to the donors: “Please receive my greetings and our deepest gratitude for your support. We thank you for this stove and the water filter, it has been of great improvement for our family”.