The Morales Family

Habitat for Humanity Pensacola

“It’s necessary to be independent,” adds Dulia. “We didn’t want to rely on in-laws for everything.”

Smokeless Stoves: Santos Tuy Ajú and Juliana Palaj Cumes

Women's Weaving Build - Kate Lundberg

“What I like most about this stove,” she explains, “is that all the smoke is gone. When I light it, my work is done for me, and I can feed my family.”

Smokeless Stoves: Catalina Xoquic Cuxulic and Antonia Tuy Tuy

Habitat for Humanity Pensacola

“We can’t travel a lot, we haven’t been very many places, but Habitat Guatemala has allowed us to gain more things and we are grateful for the organization.”

Smokeless Stoves: Abelina Roquel Tuy and Marcela Guit Roquel

Habitat for Humanity Flatirons

“I thank God for the projects Habitat for Humanity Guatemala has brought to us, for all of the work that they have come to do. That has made all of the difference in how I cook.”

The Cuy Family

Fair Trade Coffee and Housing - Canada Team

“We are just starting out and moving in,” Amelia says, meandering through clusters of furniture in boxes. “We want to put down a garden, paint the walls, and in the future, decorate a room for the baby.”

Smokeless Stoves: Eufemenia Gomez and María Tomás

Habitat for Humanity Our Towns

“If it wasn’t for Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, this would have never happened.” She sweeps her hand towards her stove. “With the extra money, I can give more food to my children, I can keep them in school.”

Smokeless Stoves: Sandra Velasco Camon and Germana Ambrosio

Habitat for Humanity Netherlands

Since building a new smokeless stove with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala volunteers, Sandra’s health has improved dramatically. The headaches no longer plague her, and she can work without preoccupations.

The Umul Locom Family

Habitat for Humanity Flatirons

“I had always imagined the privacy and everything, and I have so many dreams of what I want us to do here. It’s a dream that has become a reality.”

Smokeless Stoves: Angela Cuxuil Garcia and Josefina Velasco

Habitat for Humanity Canada - Darryll White

“The best thing about the new stove is that the smoke is gone.”

Smokeless Stoves: Bartola Mendoza and Rosa María Julajuj

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity

“You did something that seemed small, but has made all the difference. And we are excited to have been part of this project.”

The Straute Family

The University of Rhode Island

On her fingers, she remembers all the places where she lived with her family. “Five years here, five years there. Another four years there, for all of my life.”

The Suchi Choxom Family

Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley - Sarah Teare

“It was a beautiful experience, to share with them, I couldn’t have expected anything like this. We have tremendous gratitude for everything that they did. We send our prayers.”

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