Smokeless Stoves: the Tacán de Sapón Family

Habitat for Humanity Pensacola

Transito is proud of her stove, which has granted her a multitude of benefits. “The stove cooks well. You don’t need to feed it as much wood, it’s less work to maintain, and I’m so grateful for it.”

Smokeless Stoves: the Gutierrez Family

Habitat for Humanity Pensacola

Since building a new stove, Emiliana is happy with how it works. Before, where her old stove was difficult to maintain and leaked copious amounts of smoke, the new one is just the opposite.

The Tax Socop Family

The Haztic School

“We are content with our house,” they both agree in unison. “We are so happy.”

Healthy Home Kits: the Santos Tobar Family

The Haztic School

Lucia Santos Tobar heard the rumors from her neighbors. According to a few women living in her village, there would be a community meeting about ways to help families like hers.

Healthy Home Kits: the Aquino de Xoc Family

The Haztic School

The women gave her family clues to why everyone was sick. The culprits? A malfunctioning stove, contaminated tap water, and an unsteady and unsanitary latrine.

Smokeless Stoves: Tzoy Tiu Family

Habitat for Humanity Asheville

“For a long while, we have cooked on a Habitat Guatemala smokeless stove that my in-laws built,” she says. “We loved the design and how well it worked, so we applied for our own.”

The Ixcol Ixcol Family

Habitat for Humanity Asheville

“Family is close, but there are no problems. We can be ourselves in this house.”

Isabel in front of her stove

Smokeless Stoves: the de León de Tay Family

Habitat for Humanity Asheville

She claps her hands together in appreciation. “I don’t have many words to say in Spanish, but in K’iche, I thank you for your hard work. I’m so happy with the stove.”

Smokeless Stoves: Erika Marlena Lopez

Erika explains that the new smokeless stove has saved her family’s life.

Smokeless Stoves: Modesta Maricela Jitatz Gui Gui

At sixteen years old, Modesta Mariela is in charge of the family meals. Thanks to a new Habitat for Humanity Guatemala stove, her life has become a bit easier.

Smokeless Stoves: Delia Landalina Ambrosio

Delia is relieved that she doesn’t have to worry one danger: her children burning themselves on an unsafe cooking stove.

Smokeless Stoves: Elida Crecia

“May they keep fighting for people like us.”

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