#GivingTuesday : Teresa Churunel Family

Doña Teresa is 55 years old and currently lives with her granddaughter Eva, whose mother recently passed away. Recently, a landslide tore down the entire wall of one room and left the rest of the house unstable.

Smokeless stoves: Carmen Axón

Thrivent Builds - Mark Patton

“I feel better, I can cook without burning myself, I am really grateful with them, because of your help, now we have a safe place to cook.” – Carmen Axón

Herrera Family

Thrivent Builds - Mark Patton

“We are very grateful for the volunteers, they were a big part of our dream that is now a reality. Feel welcome anytime you want to come back, we will happily receive you!” – Herrera Family

Cesar Yuman Family

HFH Orange County - Jennifer Player

“All the volunteers were really kind, they all have a great heart, May God bless you. We are very happy with our house.” – Marielena

Hugo Yuman Family

HFH Orange County - Jennifer Player

“I am forever grateful with the volunteers, they helped us fulfill the dream of having our own house. May God bless them and their children.”  – Hugo Yuman

Cintia Cardona

Rabobank Vermogensmanagement - Marije

“I remember the volunteers who came and worked really hard. They were really funny and played with Ashley. May God bless each one of you,” – Cintia Cardona.

Vásquez Pérez Family

Rabobank Vermogensmanagement - Marije

“I am grateful for the volunteers who came, without them it would have taken more time to build our house, they were really efficient and friendly.” – Silvia Pérez

Mónica González Family

Rabobank Vermogensmanagement - Marije

“I am very happy. This home is a great blessing for me. It’s easy to think that as a single mother you can’t have these opportunities.” – Mónica González

#GivingTuesday: Crisanta López Family

Crisanta López lives with six of her eight children. In January 2018, the lives of the López family members dramatically changed when Crisanta’s husband, Juan, passed away unexpectedly.

Smokeless Stoves: María Griselda

Thrivent Builds – Gary Peterson

“It’s excellent, it’s a great help, it’s a good stove! I save a lot of wood.”
–María Griselda

Smokeless Stoves: The Socoy Family

Thrivent Builds – Gary Peterson

“I like my new stove I don’t burn my arms when I cook anymore. And there is a lot less smoke.”
–Marta Socoy

Smokeless Stoves: María Alejandra

Corporate Team – Michelle Woodall

“The stove works well with a little bit of wood and now I cook in fresh air!”
–María Alejandra

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