Healthy Home Kits: Lesbia Antonieta Morales and Hilda Elvia Calel Tol

Fair Trade Coffe and Housing

With a grateful smile, Hilda says: “Thanks to the volunteers, our everyday life is easier.”

Smokeless Stoves: Maria Antonieta Chávez Saloj and Magdalena Catarina Chox Choror

Thrivent - Fred Ebbesen

“I now say, yes! It is true! I can cook everything at the same time. And I take about two hours to look for enough wood, which lasts three days.”

The Velásquez García Family

Habitat for Humanity Our Towns

“Much of what I do can be completed in my house. I have more free time that way. I feel more free rather than being confined to two rooms,” Mercedes says.

Sanitary Latrines: Simón Yax and Reina Isabel Vásquez Yac

Habitat for Humanity Our Towns

“I like that Habitat Guatemala has projects, especially Healthy Home Kits,” Simón remarks. “With the stove, the latrine, and the filter, families can be better.”

Sanitary Latrines: the Chávez Velázquez de Xamíne Family

Thrivent - Bret Wims

“Now, it works well, it’s cleaner and easier to clean, and it’s so comfy!” she exclaims.

The Saquic Toc Family

Thrivent - Bret Wims

For as long as she could remember, she woke up in her mother’s overcrowded house to the sounds of seven other people traipsing between rooms. She dreamed of a better living situation, especially to cope with a painful time in her life.

The López Garcia Family

Thrivent - Bret Wims

“Many people in the neighborhood have Habitat Guatemala houses, or have worked with Habitat Guatemala projects,” Rudy mentions. “We went to the office in Panajachel to find out more, and we turned in our paperwork shortly after.”

Smokeless Stoves: Matea Chiroy Chuj de Mendoza and Susana Xoquic Guit

Thrivent - Bret Wims

Thanks to their local committee, Matea and Susana both collaborated with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to build smokeless stoves. Their lives have been changed forever.

The Ixcol Can Family


“Having freedom is easier. Here, we can take our time in doing things. We are only two, soon to be three,” she laughs, rubbing the top of her stomach.

The Cumes Family

Canada Team - Kathryn Petrovich

With his five children quickly growing up, he knew that the lack of space in his home would present a problem. For that reason, he sent in an application to build a housing extension with Habitat Guatemala. His family was quickly accepted.

The Cuc Tzep Family


“They said to him that Habitat Guatemala helps build housing solutions with people like us. If we wanted to build, we could.”

The Cortez Ismalej Family

Canada Team - Colin Rioux

“This is a women’s house.”

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