Smokeless Stoves: Erika Marlena Lopez

Erika explains that the new smokeless stove has saved her family’s life.

Smokeless Stoves: Modesta Mariela

At sixteen years old, Modesta Mariela is in charge of the family meals. Thanks to a new Habitat for Humanity Guatemala stove, her life has become a bit easier.

Smokeless Stoves: Delia Landalina Ambrosio

Delia is relieved that she doesn’t have to worry one danger: her children burning themselves on an unsafe cooking stove.

Smokeless Stoves: Elida Crecia

“May they keep fighting for people like us.”

Smokeless Stoves: Simbiona Chulca Cajcaj

Simbiona reflects that since building the stove, their household no longer has to spend a fortune on firewood. “Instead, we can give more food to our children so that they can grow and develop.”

The Xar Rodriguez Family

Danielle Vitalle

We arrive at Ana Silvia’s home earlier than expected. She is still trying to finish some of her chores, but when she discovers that we are visiting to hear about her experience with Habitat Guatemala, she is instantly overtaken by joy.

The Montufar Cruz Family

Danielle Vitale

“It is very satisfying to own your own home and to have a place that is safe for my family. We moved around for a few years, and it is very comforting to have a steady place of our own instead.”

The Arias Hernandez Family

Danielle Vitale

“I just wanted my child to be safe.”

The Ortiz Chan Family

Kingsview United Church

“I don’t miss our old home.”

The Mazariegos Terete Family

USA Open Team - Becky Pear

“Thank you for taking time off your professions and providing the means to build our home.”

The Tum Morales Family

USA Open Team - Mike Parker

“So much has changed…how can I explain it to you? The time that we spend together is much more precious. Our daughter doesn’t have to go outside all the time for the lack of space. She can play in her own house.”

The Amperez Family

USA Open Team - Mike Parker

For as long as they can remember, Gloria and Iberto Amperez used to make two, thirty minute trips a day under a thick smog of heat and dust. Their goal? To reach the Pacox Chiticoy schoolhouse, which lies on the outskirts of the sleepy town of Rabinal.

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