The Tum Morales Family

USA Open Team - Mike Parker

“So much has changed…how can I explain it to you? The time that we spend together is much more precious. Our daughter doesn’t have to go outside all the time for the lack of space. She can play in her own house.”

The Amperez Family

USA Open Team - Mike Parker

For as long as they can remember, Gloria and Iberto Amperez used to make two, thirty minute trips a day under a thick smog of heat and dust. Their goal? To reach the Pacox Chiticoy schoolhouse, which lies on the outskirts of the sleepy town of Rabinal.

Healthy Home Kits: the Perez Lopez Family

Irving and Lois Hall and Friends

“We are blessed in so many ways. You have made the smoke go away, you have made the sickness heal. Thank you for our health.”

Healthy Home Kits: The Amparo García Family

Irving and Lois Hall and Friends

“We used to wonder where our next meal was coming from. With this stove, that has become easier. We can now use whatever extra money we save for food.”

The de la Cruz Fuentez Family

Canada Team - Joan Spares

“Life is beautiful when you can spend time with family and friends in your home.”

The José Perez Family

Canada Team - Joan Spares

“I feel at peace, and it’s nice to know that I am not working to pay for someone else’s future but for mine instead.”

Healthy Home Kits: Magdalena Perez Chocho and Sandra Chocho Yaxon

First Presbyterian Church of Bend

Since receiving Healthy Home Kits, Magdalena and Sandra’s lives have changed significantly, and for the better.

The Sician Chuc Family

Lutheran Church of Christ the King

“I told him that we were going to save a little bit of money. Then, we were going to go to Habitat. And then, we were going to get our children back.”

Healthy Home Kits, One Year Later: Juana Tobar and Maria Candelaria

Fair Trade Coffee and Housing - Susan Latham

One year later, Habitat Guatemala catches up with Healthy Home Kit owners in San Lucas Tolimán.

Healthy Home Kits: Feliza Sulwi Chopen and Matilda Tobar

Hammers and Heels

“Saving money on firewood means one more piece of bread for our children.”

The Panjo Gomez Family

Hammers and Heels

A white house emerges from the foliage, signifying hope and a new life.

The Zello Carrillo Family

Trina Godfrey

“The biggest difference is that we can be alone here. Privacy is so important to us.” Ernestina tells us. “We can decide what to do with our house. Plus, it’s right across the street from the bakery.”

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