Juan Paulina Saquic

Open Team – Tammie Ferguson

“Before my new stove, I cooked on the floor of my kitchen and I was always worried that Oliver would fall into the fire.”

Pedro Coroxon Mendosa and Francisca Coroxon Muj

Open Team – Tammie Ferguson

“Our lives have been improved and we are grateful that this happened. And the volunteers, well they worked really hard! We appreciate the support they gave us.”

Micael Bixcul Mendoza

Habitat for Humanity Tacoma-Pierce County – Elliot Stockstad

“We have more privacy now, more space. My sons have their own room and my daughter and I have our own room.”

The Cruz Juares Family

Habitat for Humanity Tacoma-Pierce County – Elliot Stockstad

“In 2007, there was an earthquake in Guatemala. Our old house was damaged beyond repair and we had to move in with my parents.”

The Otoniel Choror Family

Thrivent Builds – Stephen Colella

“Thank you for the work you did here!”

The Bocel Meletz Family

Thrivent Builds – Stephen Colella

“First of all, thank you and may God bless you greatly. You are part of our family and community and we send our greetings!”

Margarita Tuy Tuy and Sandra Quisquin Guit

Thrivent Builds–Paul Zimmerman

“Thanks to each of you who came. Our family has experienced a positive change in our lives, thanks to you! I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude.”

Ingrid Lorena de Leon

Thrivent Builds – Jennifer Rhyne

“Thanks to you, our dream is a reality!” So says Ingrid Lorena de León to the group of Thrivent volunteers who came to work with her family to build her family’s home in Quetzaltenango.

Smokeless Stoves: Maria Carolina Carlel and Aurora Sajic Xon

HHK School Group — Lu Richards

Maria loves cooking with her new stove, including preparing food for her children’s school! She remembers that her kids loved playing with volunteers and she sends a hello from Guatemala!

Brenda Lidia Hi Sipac

Habitat for Humanity Canada – Craig Greene

Brenda spends time on Sunday weaving traditional Guatemalan clothing which she sells at the market. Now that she has her own home, she has a quiet space to create.

The Caldeo Escobar Family

Thrivent Builds – Jennifer Rhyne

Anayanci, Dalia´s 15 year old daughter, has a message she would like to share with the volunteers: “Thanks to you, our house was finished a little bit faster, and it didn’t take as long because you came help. Many thanks for giving us your support!”

The Morales Family

Habitat for Humanity Pensacola

“It’s necessary to be independent,” adds Dulia. “We didn’t want to rely on in-laws for everything.”

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