Smokeless Stoves: Bartola Mendoza and Rosa María Julajuj

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity

“You did something that seemed small, but has made all the difference. And we are excited to have been part of this project.”

The Straute Family

The University of Rhode Island

On her fingers, she remembers all the places where she lived with her family. “Five years here, five years there. Another four years there, for all of my life.”

The Suchi Choxom Family

Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley - Sarah Teare

“It was a beautiful experience, to share with them, I couldn’t have expected anything like this. We have tremendous gratitude for everything that they did. We send our prayers.”

Smokeless Stoves: Ruben and Marta Morales Barrios; Maria Perez Villatoro

Canada Team - Sally Sipos

“We help more people get involved with these projects through our local committee. Habitat Guatemala has stayed with us. It has been a blessing to work with them for three years.”

Smokeless Stoves: The García Diaz Family

The University of Rhode Island

“You would put the wood in the stove and then immediately start crying from the smoke.”

Healthy Home Kit: Julia Lopez Cuj de Morales

Thanksgiving - Duane Hershberger

“I am happy with the Healthy Home Kit, and I am grateful to the group of volunteers who helped us.”

Healthy Home Kits: Clara Chocho Lopez and Christina Roquel Chocho

University Congretional UCC

“We thank them for the new latrine and the new stove. It has brought significant changes in our life.”

The Rodriguez Family

University of Central Oklahoma

“We’re not fighting to stay afloat anymore.”

Sanitary Latrine: Odilia Cutuc Serech

Plymouth Church Seattle

“With the previous latrine, I was always afraid that something happens to my boys. It was not adapted to children. The toilet seat was too wide, I was afraid that they would fall into the hole.”

Healthy Home Kits: Carmen Choy and Miriam Ajcalong Xep

Habitat for Humanity Ocean Nothern

Miriam is proud to have her own stove and says that it is a gift from God. “I needed to wait one week after the construction of the stove to use it. It was really hard because I was so excited to try it.”

Healthy Home Kit: Matilde Días Sotz

Fair Trade Coffee and Housing - Trina Godfrey

“Their kindness filled my heart with good energy and gave me strength to move forward.”

Healthy Home Kit: Rosario Morales Suix

Plymouth Church Seattle

“Both of us agreed immediately: the Healthy Home Kit would be a great opportunity for us! We wanted to be part of it.”

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