Smokeless Stoves: María Griselda

Thrivent Builds – Gary Peterson

“It’s excellent, it’s a great help, it’s a good stove! I save a lot of wood.”
–María Griselda

Smokeless Stoves: The Socoy Family

Thrivent Builds – Gary Peterson

“I like my new stove I don’t burn my arms when I cook anymore. And there is a lot less smoke.”
–Marta Socoy

Smokeless Stoves: María Alejandra

Corporate Team – Michelle Woodall

“The stove works well with a little bit of wood and now I cook in fresh air!”
–María Alejandra

Smokeless Stoves: Ana María Kechel

Open Team – Neil Frerichs

“I like my stove because once I make the fire, it heats up very quickly.”
–Ana María Kechel

Smokeless Stoves: María Santos

Duke Football Team – Blake Strayhone

“The stove is high off the ground so my daughter can’t fall into the fire!” 
–María Santos

Jacinta María Ramos

University of Cincinnati – Lee Armstrong

“It was great to have the volunteers here! They were all so nice.”
–Jacinta María

Healthy Home Kit: Margarita Bala

Thrivent Builds – Mike Maidl

“My children also get sick less often because now we have access to purified water.”
–Margarita Bala

Healthy Home Kit: Victoria Tian

Fair Trade Coffee and Housing – Steve Acton

“We buy our wood because we can’t get to the mountains from where we live. My new stove uses significantly less wood.”
–Victoria Tian

Healthy Home Kit: Basilia Sacuj

Fair Trade Coffee and Housing – Steve Acton

“My other stove was really old. It made my tortillas very smoky and the flavor was awful. Now my tortillas turn out well.”
–Basilia Sacuj

Healthy Home Kit: the Velasquez Family

Women's Build – Polly Knudsen

“With the new stove there are no problems with smoke and we save a lot of wood.”
–Manuel Velasquez

Healthy Home Kit: Elsa Candelaria

Thrivent Builds – Willie Nemeth

“Now I don’t have to boil water–it is is already clean!”
–Elsa Candelaria

Healthy Home Kit: Cristobalina Socon

Thrivent Builds – Willie Nemeth

“We didn’t have a water filter before and now, thanks to God, we do.”
–Cristobalina Socon

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