Ramona Yaxon

Open Team –Duane Hershberger

“I am old but I have asked God for a few more years on earth so that I can enjoy my new stove!”
–Ramona Yaxon Cojon

The Simalaj Family

Thrivent Builds – Bill Burwell

“My new stove works so well–it cooks my tortillas fast and they turn out well!”
–Carolina Simalaj Perez

The Gomez Family

GoEasy – Jason Mullins

“We save wood with the new stove! My old stove was really old, it used up a lot of wood, and there was so much more smoke.”
–Ana Isabel Gomez

The Solis Family

Open Team – Kyle Cyphers

“I am grateful for the volunteers who helped us because we were able to move into our home a little faster, thanks to them.”
–Alejandra Solis

Ingrid and Elma Muxtay

HHK School Group–Lu Richards

As she sits in her home, Lesli shares that her favorite room is the bedroom. “I miss my mom, but I love it when she comes home and we stay here together.”

Marielsy Susely Alistan

Kimberly Martin

“We wanted our own home, our own space. And it’s wonderful–I can make my own decisions about my house.”

Lucia Virginia Coxaj

Thrivent Builds – Bret Wims

“Before, we all shared two rooms–now we have four! We are planning on painting the house a melon color and in the future would like to build an addition, too.”

Martha Calel

Thrivent Builds – Bret Wims

“Our old stove was really small,” Martha explained. “There wasn’t enough room to prepare food. Now, I have space to cook.”

The Morales Family

Thrivent Builds – Bret Wims

“I am warm at night and I can shut the door while I cook. I feel much more comfortable and happy.”

Juliana Panjoj

Open Team – Stancil Campbell

“Our new latrine is so much better,” Juliana exclaims. “It’s more comfortable and more private, too!”

The Velasquez Family

Open Team – Stancil Campbell

“Now I have more freedom! It’s much better than renting. I’m so happy to live in my own house and I’m going to plant flowers in the garden too.”

The Juarcax Family

Habitat for Humanity Evergreen – Josh Townsley

“Now, the boys share a room and Carina has her own room. They were so excited! Carina was especially excited to have her own room–they even picked them out while the house was under construction!”

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