The Henry Agapintos Family

HFH Vail Valley - Steven Conter

“Happy, it is a much better environment and healthier for the kids, Before, there was dirt. Now, there are floors, and doors.” – María de Agapinto.

Marvin García Family

Thrivent Builds - Willie Nemeth

“We wanted a house where we could be comfortable and have enough space. Having our own house, we are happy, here we are comfortable.” – Heldi de García.

Brenda Camacho Family

Elastic - James Mcdonald

“When you make major life decisions there is always fear. Habitat gave us the courage to make this decision.” Brenda Camacho.

The Juárez Family

Elastic - James Mcdonald

“The house was built quickly because you came. It’s wonderful, now we can afford our monthly expenses without having to pay a high rent. You have helped us.”

The López Colop Family

Bend Area Habitat - Robin Cooper

“The fruit of your labor is what we have, that our family can enjoy. Thank you for helping others without knowing them.”

The Silvia Castillo Family

Bend Area Habitat - Robin Cooper

“God gave us this blessing, we didn’t think, or imagine that this would be the result of that prayer.” – Argentina Castillo.

German García Family

University of Central Oklahoma - Jarret Jobe

“Her favorite thing about the new house is “everything” it took just one month to built the house and we are very happy.” – Elena.

Sheila Alvarado Family

Open Team - Mike Parker

“We wanted to put our money into something that is ours, rather than using that money to pay rent for a house that would never be our own.” – Sheila Alvarado.

Amanda López Family

Open Team - Mike Parker

“Our dream for the house is to put a garden in the front, and a corridor, and eventually, a second level to the house.” – Amanda López.

María Elena Calo Family

Fordham University - Elizabeth Garcia

“I feel happy and content to have what we have because we are adding to the home little by little, and it is ours.” – María Elena Calo.

Norma Rodriguez Family

HFH Canada - Joan Cossentine

“Here we have tranquility and quiet. We like our neighbors and live in peace, because of this, there is more love in our house and it is a good feeling.” – Nelver.

Bayron Xitumul Family

HFH Canada - Joan Cossentine

“The ample space that we have here is what I like most, because the other house was so small.” – Yolanda de Xitumul.

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