Chávez Family -Uk’u’xJa Stove Project-

Martha lives with her husband and four children in the community of Pasojoc I, Zacualpa, in the department of El Quiché. Martha takes care of the household while her husband works in the fields.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to receive an improved stove, Martha used to cook over an open flame on the ground, known here in Guatemala as a “poyo”. The family’s old stove was in poor condition and consumed large amounts of firewood.

Cooking like this caused Martha and her family various respiratory illnesses and irritability in the eyes due to the smoke that remained inside the house.

Through the Uk’u’xJa stove project, Martha and her family were one of more than 3,200 families that have been supported in their quest for access to an adequate, safe and hygienic stove. With this stove, families can reduce by up to 83% the cases of respiratory illnesses detected. In addition to allowing an income of up to $25 per month by reducing the consumption of firewood per stove by 43.6%, the stove also helps to save up to 6.5 trees per year.

Martha says she is very happy with her new stove – “now when I make my tortillas I don’t have to be on my knees, I can just stand next to the stove, without my back or legs hurting”.