The Velasquez Family

Arturo Valentino lives in Sololá, with his mother, sister, and brother-in-law. He owns a repair shop for cell-phones, computers, and tablets that is a short walk from the new home he built by partnering with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. While Arturo spends his days running his busy shop, his mother, Angela, and his sister, Sandra, spend their time taking care of the home. Sandra’s husband works in local agriculture.

Prior to learning that Habitat Guatemala offers a low-interest loans to qualifying families, Arturo and his family rented a home in the same area. Now they are investing in their own future by paying a monthly mortgage instead of rent.

“Now I have more freedom!” Angela exclaims. “It’s much better than renting. I’m so happy to live in my own house and I’m going to plant flowers in the garden too.”

Arturo agrees with his mother. “We have more space and we’re much more comfortable,” he says. “We have a kitchen and a separate living room, too. I would like to thank the volunteers for their help, and may God bless them!”

Arturo in his technology repair shop.