Healthy Home Kit: Juliana Panjoj

Juliana Panjoj lives with her husband, Roberto Peher, and their six children in the community in Sololá. While Juliana’s husband works in agriculture, she weaves, takes care of the home, and of the older children when they are home from school.

As part of Habitat for Humanity Guatemala’s Healthy Home Kit program, Juliana and her family were able to build a new latrine. Another woman who lives in her town works as a community volunteer with Habitat Guatemala and that is how Juliana first learned about the Healthy Home Kits.

“Our new latrine is so much better,” Juliana exclaims. “It’s more comfortable and more private, too!”

“We have never experienced anything like this before,” says Juliana of the volunteers who helped her family build the new latrine. “We want to thank you so much for helping our family build something we needed and that we use. We remember you all happily.”