The Vásquez Family

Rodolfo, his wife Lydia and their only child, Rodolfo Jr. (8) live in the town of La Esperanza, Quetzaltenango. Rodolfo has been a truck driver for many years, Lydia cleans houses around the community and Rodolfo Jr., who is quite academically gifted is in the 2nd grade in school.

Rodolfo’s sister, Hildy, lives with the family and has her room in the house and the family is anticipating the arrival of Rodolfo’s mother, who will come to live with them soon. The couple realized that the old house was too small for everyone to live comfortably and they felt more than ever a growing need for a new house and the extra space it would bring. The family has been in their new home for seven months now, right on the same plot of land as their old house and are enjoying it.

They have plans to put finishing touches on the house such as doors on each of the rooms and a washtub at the front of the house where they can wash clothes.

“I wanted this house to remodel the other and because my husband would like to have his Mother live with us and the old house was too small for everyone to live comfortably,” says Lydia. Both Lydia and Rodolfo remember the volunteers very well—especially Nick! Lydia remembers that they were very kind, caring and one volunteers in particular loved to dance while she worked! “Thank you for coming and making such a special home for us. We are happy here and we never forget your kindness.”