Rodolfo Díaz López Family

Rodolfo, Silvia and their three children, Diana (20) Evelyn (18), David (12) live in San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango. Rodolfo works in agriculture and Silvia washes clothes for local families.

The couple lived in her former house for her entire married life, “all our children were born there,” says Silvia. The old house, made of adobe, belonged to Rodolfo’s parents and when both in-law’s passed, the family inherited the adobe brick house.  The age of the house and dirt structure meant it was harder to repair and the couple wanted more space for themselves and their growing children, who they felt needed more space. The family have been in their Habitat home for 6 months now.

Silvia says she feels happy having this new house. The couple want to finish paying for the home and then will make changes to add an extra room.

Of the volunteers who came Silvia remembers them. One of her favorite observations was that a fellow Guatemalan was among the group of volunteers, something she’d personally never seen before and it was a point of great excitement to see someone from her community actively involved in volunteer service. “It really is special that this group of so many came to lend their hands and help our family build our home, we are so grateful and will never forget them.”