The Mayra Sacalxot Family

Mayra, Norberto and their two daughters, Stephanie (9) and Juana (4) live in the town of Cantel, Quetzaltenango. Norberto is a breadmaker at a local panaderia and Mayra is a homemaker.

Their prior house had only one room for the family of four. Now they have more space for the whole family, which now includes 3 dogs and 4 kittens. Mayra’s younger sister, Iránel (18) now also lives with the family while she is in college nearby studying graphic design. The artistic talent definitely runs in the family, Stephanie and Juana also love to draw, and Mayra and Norberto encourage both girls in this. As part of decorating their shared room, the couple allowed them to draw a piece of artwork on the wall. What resulted was a beautiful butterfly that the girls completed together that is telling of the girl’s budding artistic ability.

More than the family’s ability to personalize the home, what they like best is  having more space and more privacy. Mayra says she also likes the windows and natural light that make the house beautiful and bright. In the future, the couple would like to put up a fence.

Of the volunteers, Mayra remembers that they were always smiling, very hardworking and creative.” We are so grateful for you and for your help”