Uk’u’x já Project – The Tum Family

Doña Juana lives with her husband, Jorge, and their three children, Silvia (17), Gaspar (15), and Oscar (12) in the community of Batzul, Chajul, in the department of El Quiché. Juana takes care of the home, while Jorge works in the field, and he is also a part of the local leadership committee in his community.

Before partnering up with Habitat Guatemala to receive a Smokeless Stove, the family cooked, for more than 10 years, on a stove that was in poor conditions. “Our stove was very old, causing the smoke to stay inside our kitchen. It caused my wife to suffer from several diseases,” he continues, “when they showed us the design of the stove, I decided to demolish my old kitchen, which was full of holes and rotten pieces of wood, and we built a new one. You can see it is new, we have a new kitchen and a new stove now!” says Jorge.

Both Jorge and Juana feel content with their new stove; “We are very grateful and feel happy with it! It has been a great improvement for us to receive this new model of stove.” Juana adds: “I can cook all of our meals at the same time, the smoke goes outside, and we are saving wood at the same time!”

They conclude by sharing a message to the donors: “Thanks to each one of you! May God bless you! Thank you for visiting us and supporting us with this project for our community.” – Jorge.

(pictured, the family’s old stove)