Uk’u’x já Project – The López Family

Doña Teresa lives with her husband, Sebastián, and their three children, Francisco (18), Susana (15) and Marta (6), in the community  of Chemal, Chajul, Nebaj, in the department of Quiché. Teresa takes care of the home, while Sebastián and Francisco work in the field.

Before partnering up with Habitat Guatemala to receive a Smokeless Stove, Teresa used to cook over an open flame on the floor, which is called a “poyo” in Spanish. “I used to cook on the floor, the smoke made my eyes red and caused my children and I to get sick as well as suffer from headaches,” she explains.

Now, after a few months of using their new stove, Teresa feels really happy with it; “We are content with our stove, it is working well. There is no more smoke inside our kitchen anymore, and we have no more teary eyes!” She continues, “Now, I can cook all of my meals… tortillas, atol, and beans, at the same time.”

They finish by sharing a message to the donors: “We are very grateful to you all for your support and for providing us with this stove to improve our health” – Teresa.

(pictured, Teresa’s old stove, or “poyo”)