The Mynor Pineda Family

Mynor and Elizabeth live with their 4-month-old baby boy in the village of Olintepeque, just outside the city of Quetzaltenango. Mynor works for a publicity company in the city, while Elizabeth is a homemaker and sews clothing.

The couple have been in their Habitat home for just over a year now. From the time they entered the affiliate office and completed paperwork, it was only 46 days to the finished product—a home of their own. It’s what anyone wants, to know your family has a roof and something that is ours” says Mynor. “It’s better because when we were renting it was hard having just a room and not much else, the difference is here we have a room, bathroom and a kitchen area. Here, we have fresh air and land space to plant crops.”

The couple have a small garden on the side of the house and a plot of corn to the front of the house and plan to add more flowers and a patio to the front of the house in the future.

They remember the volunteers who visited quite well and shared this message of thanks: “thank you for the help that you came to give us and to collaborate. Thanks to you all, our house is well constructed.” Elizabeth beams that she still has the photos in her phone that were taken of the volunteers and of the construction in process and says she cherishes the memories of the process and the help that the volunteers gave. Now they feel happy to have their own house especially with a newborn.

“Thanks to God, Habitat came into our lives and we were able to build this house because of the help we received.”