Brenda Camacho Family

Brenda and Nehemias live with their two daughters Deborah (3) and Rebecca (6 months) in the village of Cantel, Quetzaltenango. Brenda sells cosmetic products and takes care of the home and Nehemias is a tailor, who specializes in traditional indigenous wear.

Before building their home, the couple lived in one bedroom in Brenda’s mother’s home.  There was little space to walk in the room and with a second baby on the way, the couple knew they needed a place of their own. Brenda’s mom gifted them a plot of land behind her home where they could build a house and they consider her a special part of the process, “we wouldn’t be here without her.”

“How do you feel having your own house?” we asked, “Relieved,” says Brenda. In the new house, they are content, “ we have our kitchen and enough space in the living room where Deborah can run around – even now when it rains for example, she has space to play inside.”

In the future the couple would like to create an addition for another bedroom and a place for a garden. “We have a bit of a garden that we’re already growing. When the volunteers were here, they gifted us flowers and trees. Roses in white, yellow and dark red and peach, pear and laurel trees.”

To the group, Brenda and Nehemias share their heartfelt thank you—“we’re so grateful for the help that you came and gave—it helped a lot.” During the time of the build, Brenda was almost due for delivery with Rebecca. “I couldn’t lift anything, and they arrived to help without conditions or reservations—they just came and helped and it’s something I’ll never forget because they came to help us succeed.” Of the entire process from start to finish, Brenda and Nehemias had this to share: “When you make major life decisions there is always fear. Habitat gave us the courage to make this decision, and when the volunteers came, it gave us encouragement to continue. We’re so happy we did this and will always carry you in our heart.”