Marvin García Family

Heldi and Marvin live in the village of La Esperanza, Quetzaltenango. Marvin is a builder and Heldi works as a cook in her family’s store, just across from the house, where she sells tortillas and cooked meats with other members of her family.

The couple have lived in their Habitat home for almost a year.  In their prior house, they lived in a small room that doubled as both the bedroom and kitchen.

“We wanted a house where we could be comfortable and have enough space. Having our own house, we are happy, here we are comfortable. We realize how lucky we are because it takes so much money to build a house but thanks to Habitat and to the volunteers, we have a house when for so long we didn’t think we could afford it,” says Heldi.

To the group that came to help Heldi, she says: “thank you for helping us with this project. We always wonder, how you are and pray that God is blessing you because we know it was  a great sacrifice to leave your families to come be with us—it was a great experience and a beautiful one.”