Sulma Sac – Hybrid House Program – Home for a Home

Sulma (21), her husband and their two children, Jeffrey (5) and Jessica (1), are the owners of a new Hybrid House in the community of  Aldea Panyebar, San Juan la Laguna, Sololá. Sulma’s husband works in the fields, while she stays home taking care of the children.  

Our new Hybrid House solution is a two-room home built with a mix of traditional materials: adobe blocks, cement blocks, and wood. This solution is partially subsidized which means that beneficiary families are asked to contribute towards the cost of materials and provide labor such as preparing adobe blocks, among other tasks. 

Before partnering with Home for a Home and Habitat Guatemala, Sulma’s family used to live in a small house built out of corrugated metal sheets and wood with ground floor. “When it rained the water licked leaked in and I was afraid of my children getting sick.” – mentions Sulma 

When asked how she feels about their new home, Sulma answers, “I feel happy and grateful for this house! My family and I are very content. Thanks to God, we received this gift and it was a surprise!” 

As part of the Hybrid House Programs, families also receive a water filter, latrine and a smokeless stove. This helps them improve their health by giving them adequate access to proper sanitation and a smoke-free environment. Sulma used to cook on an open flame on the floor, causing the smoke to stay inside their house. “I used to cook on the floor, my new stove is working great, we are saving wood! And our water filter is providing us with safe drinking water, especially for my children.” says Sulma. 

Sulma finishes by sharing a message with the donors, “May all of you receive our sincere gratitude. May God bless you, for giving us this gift.”