Smokeless Stove – Wendy Chávez – Laura Brock

Wendy (28) lives with her husband, Manuel (28), and their two children, Adbiel (4), Eliu (3), in the community of Santa Lucía Utatlán, in Sololá. Both of them dedicate to clothing industry, Manuel as a tailor, and Ofelia waves traditional clothes.

As part of Habitat Guatemala’s smokeless stove program, families receive a stove, to help them improve their health by giving them a smoke free environment. She found out about this program through a local Habitat committee member and decided to work together with other women, to build their adobes and have everything ready for when the volunteers came to build.

Wendy  feels satisfied with her new stove;“Receiving this stove has been of great help for our family because we save wood and money. The stove stays warm and allow us to cook everything at the same time.  We no longer have to buy wood so often,” she continues, “I like to prepare my tortillas, beans and boil water on it.”

She refers to her time with the volunteers; “It was a beautiful day! we all worked together, they finished fast and we shared lunch together,” she continues, “Thank you all for your support in building my stove. May God bless you, fell welcome when you want to come visit.”