Sanitary Latrine – Francisca Mejía Laynes – Mark Jones


Francisca lives with her husband, José, and their seven children, María, Francisco, Tomás, Daniel, Liliana, Susana and Josué, in a small community in Sololá.  While José works in the fields, Francisca takes care of the children.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to receive the family’s sanitary latrine, the family had been using an old one for almost 6 years. It was in poor conditions already.

Francisca found out about the latrines project through the local committee members, and decided with her husband to participate and receive a new latrine. When asked how she feels with her new latrine, she responds, “I feel happy, this new one is much better than the old one. We have our privacy and it is comfortable.”

Regarding the time spent with the volunteers, she shares,  “Utz! (good) it was a fun day! they built it really fast. May all of you receive our greetings. Thank you for your support.”