Smokeless Stove: Ruthilia Velásquez

Maria Ruthilia along with her husband Marvin Danilo and their three children, Marvin (14), Vivian (10) and Axel (2) live in a small community in Chimaltenango. Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to receive a smokeless stove, Maria used to cook over an open flame “pollo”. The smoke affected her and “whenever it rained, the fire was hard to maintain, especially when there was wind.” “Now it doesn’t matter if it rains, the fire is in one place and it’s protected.” “We also use very little wood now.”

Her favorite thing to cook with the new stove is frijoles, “because it’s what we eat the most,” she says, “I can make 3 or 4 things at once and still have room to make my coffee or atol (a hot traditional drink).”

To the volunteers that helped to construct her stove, Maria Ruthilia sends this message, “honestly I will never forget them because I am so grateful. They came to build and I feel like I have won something. Thanks to God we are doing well now.”