Smokeless Stove: Maricella Carr Ixlá

Maria Maricella, her husband Ronald and their son Wilmer live in El Rosario, Chimaltenango. They recently received a smokeless stove through Habitat. Their new stove includes a chimney that funnels the smoke out of house, allowing Maria, Ronald and Wilmer to enjoy each meal in a smoke-free environment.

Prior to having her new stove, Maria cooked on an open fire “pollo” stove. They experienced a lot of problems due to the smoke. The family suffered head aches and congestion “now it’s better and there isn’t any smoke, it heats the food well too” says Maria.

When asked her favorite food to cook on her new stove, she shared unwaveringly, that it is frijoles, “because it’s the food we like the most, it’s easy to cook on the new stove because the fire is less intense.”

Maria and her family send their thank you’s to the volunteers who came to help them build their stove and expressed her gratitude.