Smokeless Stove: Olga Sazo

Olga, her husband Juan Carlos and their baby son, Charlie (9 months) live in Solola. Olga is a homemaker and Juan Carlos works as a tailor. The family have lived in their home for 1 year now. One month after moving into their home, a group of volunteers came to their house to complete their Habitat smokeless stove.

Olga talks openly about her new stove. “Before we had a small stove with a tunnel – a small receiver filled with sand—it produced a lot of smoke. I feel good with this new stove because it does not  need a lot of wood and it facilitates my cooking much better.” The previous stove also affected her health she says. “Before this stove I would have to leave the kitchen because of the smoke, but now no, it is not necessary.” Olga says her favorite thing is “preparing chicken in cream” for her family.

Of the volunteers, Olga says, “they were kind and we are very grateful for them, because the truth is having a young family, we have just started to live – having this help and this benefit, it means a lot,” she says. “I hope that God will bless you. That he will help your family for the help that you gave us.”