Smokeless Stove: Encarnación Queché

Encarnación and her husband, Pablo have lived in their home since they first moved in as a couple 40 years ago. All of her children were raised in the house. We met with the couple and the youngest four of her six children, Irene (28), Clara (26), Edwin (20), and Emerson (18) to discuss the Habitat stove that the family received just this past year.

The difference with this stove, Encarnación says is, “there is not any smoke with this new one. Before we cooked with a similar stove” which Encarnación points to sitting closeby “but it does not work.” “I like how quickly things cook with the new stove” she says.

When asked about her favorite thing to cook on the new stove, Encarnación says, “chicken, chicken of all kinds” When asked the same question, a battle of sorts for favorite child takes place between the siblings, “everything, mom makes” says Edwin, trying to vie for first place! “Mom’s fried rice” says Emerson, “chicken fingers” says Irene and traditional “hierba” says Clara. The siblings are adamantly shy, not wanting to be photographed but smiling at seeing their mom take pictures with the family’s new stove and enjoying the experience as equally their own.

Of the volunteers the family said, “we remember all their names” and laughed as they shared about their time together, recounting their experience, “ the group was very kind, and we enjoyed having them,” says Encarnacion, “thank you for all that you did and thank you for this stove.”