Healthy Home Kit: Fulgencio Díaz

Fulgencio(20) and his siblings Migdalia Ofelia (19), Carlos (10) and Daisy (7) live with in the village of San Lucas, Solola. The siblings recently lost their parents and with the help of his oldest sister and aunt, whom they live with, Fulgencio works very hard to keep the family unified.

With the help of their eldest sister, the family opened a small shop at the front of the house where they sell snacks and small goods. Migdalia runs the shop and the profit goes to keep a roof over their head and pay Carlos and Daisy’s school fees. Fulgencio works with their neighbors in agriculture, and this work allows the family consistent access to have fresh fruits and vegetables.

One year ago, Fulgencio discussed with his aunt their need for a stove and a latrine. He learned about Habitat’s program and the family recently received a Habitat Healthy Home Kit, complete with a stove, latrine and a clean water filter. Speaking of their prior stove he says, “before we had one, it was a table with a grill here in the middle, but it used a lot of wood and the smoke did not leave the house. It caused a lot of coughing, everything stayed inside. Now we don’t have that problem. Now, the smoke, goes out, the air is much fresher inside” How does it go outside? we ask, not seeing the usual chimney that accompany the new stoves “the chimney is here behind the wall and everything goes outside. Now, the smoke leaves very well,” he says.

What do you like about the stove, “Everything,” he says, “it saves wood, it cooks the food more quickly.” Of the latrine Fulgencio says “now, it is closer to the house, the old latrine was farther away close to the coffee fields and the little ones were afraid to go out there at night. This one is closer and it is a better quality too” he shares.

To the group of volunteers, Fulgencio says “thank you to you all for this stove, the filter and the bathroom, it has been a great help and we are very grateful for these.”