Smokeless Stove: Odilia Noj

Doña Odilia lives with her husband Ramiro, and five children: Ramiro, Iris, Leydi, Aldri and Anthony in a small community called el Durazno, Chimaltenango. Doña Odilia takes care of the home and works in different houses doing laundry, while Ramiro works in the fields and takes care of their cows.  Ramiro Jr. helps taking care of the cows in the morning and in the afternoon he goes to school, the rest of the children also go to school, except little Anthony who will start attending next year.

Before receiving a Smokeless Stove, Odilia used to cook on a “pollo,” an open fire stove that she built herself. It caused her and her family different respiratory diseases and red eyes because of the smoke.

Odilia feels really happy and content because she says “I have never cooked in a stove like this, now I can prepare my tortillas really fast, and cook my food too, with less wood.  I am really thankful to God and the persons that helped us with this project,” she continues, “it was a really nice surprise!”

When asked about the day of construction, Odilia refers: “It was a really nice day, my children and I were really happy, it was a great blessing, she continues, “may God bless you all.”

“Thank you for thinking about us even though you live far away, we are looking forward to seeing you again, feel welcome here!” She continues, “every day I thank God for the stove and send prayers for you all.”