Smokeless Stove: Silvia Ixlá

Silvia (23)  lives with her husband Jeremías (25) and their two daughters, Keily (3) and baby Wilson who is three months old. Jeremías works in agriculture and Silvia takes care of the home and the girls.

Since they got married, Silvia used to cook on an open fire stove on the floor called “pollo”. The smoke caused her pain in her eyes and she burned herself many times, the stove caused  her toddler, Keily, respiratory diseases too.

“I feel happy and much better with my stove, it has helped me improved a lot!, she continues, “now I like to cook more because I have more space and save a lot of wood, I do not have to buy it very often.”

Silvia treasures the great memories shared with the volunteers on the day they built the stove, “Thank you for coming to build our stove, it was a big change in our family,” she says.